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With its standard-technology range our partner ID MOS offers very attractive low-prozed solutions for RFID-systems. The product range “RFID“ offers a complete selection of solutions for particularly for 125kHz applications. It is fully compatible with the market´s standard tags and therefore a stable solution for developers.

Personalisation of RFID applications is made possible by the technology platform SILsmart®. Using SILsmart®, ID MOS offers an “a-la-carte“ service of RFID circuit design, integrating specific analog- und digitalblocks at the RFID transmitter. EMERALD® ICE gives developsers a chance to completely verify their applications before prototyping them on silicium.


Available frequencies:

  • 125kHz
  • 134,2kHz (ISO 11784/5)
  • 13.56Mhz (ISO 14443 & ISO 15693)
  • UHF

Available functions:

  • DES
  • DES
  • Anticollision
  • Embedded microcontroller
  • Exhaustive RF interface
  • Automatic processingg of data blocks.
  • ISO14443 conformity.
  • ISO15693 conformity.
  • ISO11784/5 conformity.