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Real Time Ethernet


RapID Platform solutions for Profinet and EtherNet/IP using PriorityChannel™ technology for reliable real-time performance

Our contractual partner INNOVASIC SEMICONDUCTOR provides an instantly executable connectivity-platform for Profinet or Ethernet/IP-sytsems on basis of your fido1100 communication-controller.

For fast incorporation of the Profinet/Ethernet/IP-functionality into your new or existing automation products developers are able to download all required components from the Innovasic-website free of charge. The fully operative packet is pretested for Profinet/Ethernet IP-compliance and includes the schematic diagram, the bill of materials and layout files.

Furthermore the required software, stacks and a high-octane development environment are ready for download. The evaluation of the downloaded components can be conducted on the RapID-Hardware which is to obtain from us.

You can find detailed information here: INNOVASIC SEMICONDUCTOR