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LED backlight drivers for LCDs


The Smart Force® LED series from our partner company, ERG (Endicott Research Group), offers solutions for LED backlights of all leading brands.

In order to quickly and easily find the right drivers feel free to consult our cross-reference list.

In addition to these LED drivers ERG also offers suitable LED stripes. Thus, existing CCFL designs can be replaced by Smart Force® drivers and LED stripes.
This offers a quick and favourable alternative to a complete re-design.


With the DR series (Drop in Replacement series) existing ERG CCFL designs can easily be replaced by footprint compatible LED drivers.

You will find the DR series as part of the product group “Inverter for LCD displays (CCFLs)”.

If you have any questions regarding data sheets or special requirements please feel free to contact us.

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Alexander Baca

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