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Electroluminescent inverters

ERG´s Smart Force™ inverters offer a wide range of solutions for electroluminescent (EL) backlit displays. Vacuum encapsulated for maximum reliability, Smart Force™ inverters actually prolong the useful life of EL lamps by automatically adjusting operating voltage and frequency as the lamp ages and changes.

  • Standard inverter designs are available to provide "off the shelf" products, in various package configurations, to address common system and design requirements.
  • Custom designs and packages are available to meet almost any design or packaging requirement.

LPS Series


Designed to power conventional Foil Electroluminescent Lamps used in a wide range of backlighting applications.

Each Unit Load (approximately) 4 square inches.

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JLA Series


Designed to power Electroluminescent Lamps used for LCD backlights.

Each Unit Load (approximately) 4 square inches

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