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RapID Platform v3.2 Available 21.09.2012


RapID™ Platform v3.2 Available to Download from Innovasic Developer Portal

Upgraded to include new Web Server Capability and GUI-based Configuration Tool

The RapID Platform v3.2 release provides additional capabilities and tools to support for your Industrial Ethernet products


Web Server

With v3.2 of Innovasics RapID Platform, you now have an integrated Web Server that can be used to display module identification details on your Web browser.

The web content can be customized by simply loading a set of user defined HTML files into the servers file system.


Configuration Tool

The Innovasic RapID Platform Configuration Tool is used to generate information that describes the I/O footprint of your final products data on an industrial automation network.

The Configuration Tool will allow you to enter your desired configuration values in a user-friendly manner and then export a file that can be loaded into your product so it knows how to set up the I/O as it appears on the network.

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