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Innovasic Launches First Ever 3-Port11.10.2012


...Industrial Ethernet Switch with Device Level Ring

The fido2100 provides EtherNet/IP connectivity for beacon-based DLR rings and can be configured as a node, supervisor, or back-up supervisor

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, October 2012 - Innovasic announces it has launched the fido2100, a new Industrial Ethernet switch for high performance Device Level Ring (DLR) networks. DLR beacon rates down to 100 µs support fault recovery and ring restore times of less than 10 ms. A host processor connects to one of the three switch ports via MII for Ethernet communication and to a processor bus for configuration and status. A C library support package simplifies integration of the switch to any type of processor.

The fido2100 is an IEEE 802.3 standard compliant, Layer 2 switch that is compatible with the IEEE 802.1D standard. In addition to supporting rings, the switch also supports star, line, and tree topologies. It utilizes cut through forwarding to swiftly pass traffic from one port to the other port to minimize packet delay.

The fido2100 also supports IEEE 1588 v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) and supports both ordinary and transparent clocks. Either ordinary master or slave clock can be implemented on an end device, and the transparent clock has a resolution of 5 ns. Two inputs to the switch allow external events to be synchronized to system time, and one output provides a pulse-per-second time base. Third-party PTP stacks can be used with the switch, and there is a C Library available that supports CIPSync.

"The fido2100 Industrial Ethernet switch and supporting software allows developers to quickly and cost effectively add beacon-based DLR and IEEE 1588 to their products," said Jordon Woods, Innovasics Chief Technology Officer.

Engineering samples are available now in both 128-pin LQFP and BGA packages. Production quantities will be available January 2013. Please visit us at to learn more.

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